Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in #521 Rose Cache

PhotobucketPhotobucketEver since I started using Tumblr, I've been wishing for Chanel cosmetics. Chanel cosmetics are too expensive for me, so I haven't gotten around to fulfill my wishes. The little boy I babysit, Joshua, his family gave me a Macy's gift card for Christmas which was very sweet of them to think of me and give me something for Christmas. I decided to use the gift card for a Chanel cosmetic. I originally wanted to purchase a Chanel lipstick, because I absolutely love the packaging of their lipsticks but because they no longer sell the color I wanted, I just decided purchase a nail polish. I was a bit disappointed by how small the nail polish bottle was because I was expecting it to be bigger, however I do love the color.


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