Friday, December 23, 2011

Urban Outfitters Filigree Jewelry Hook in White ; How I organize my jewelry: Before & After

The first picture is of my jewelry holder I made out of an Abercrombie box, push pins, paper clips, tape, and magazine cut-outs. I made my own jewelry holder, because at the time, I would rather spend my money on clothes and accessories rather than organizers. I really love the one I made when I first created it (about 2 years ago), and I still do to this day, but I wanted something really classy and chic to match with my other jewelry holders so I decided to purchase one. I've been eyeing the Filigree Jewelry Hook at Urban Outfitters so I decided to finally purchase it. I love my new Jewelry holder from Urban Outfitters. It's really simple, yet really chic. I added some pink roses at the top so it could be more girly and pretty :) The pink roses is actually a headband I made last year, but i don't wear it anymore, so I thought i would add it to my jewelry holder, and it's a really nice touch. I might add more of my earrings onto the hooks later but for now my earrings are on my bird cage jewelry holder.


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