How I style: American Apparel's Burgundy Velvet Skirt


L o o k # 1
Gold top is thrifted. Necklace is from F21. Skirt is from American Apparel. Tights and boots are from Target. Bracelet used to be my mom's back in the day. Nails: L'oreal Paris Nail Color in "because you're worth it" .


L o o k # 2
Burgundy Velvet skirt is from American Apparel
Lace top , tights , and Mossimo Supply Co. Kacey Cowboy Ankle Boot in Black are from Target .
Necklace is from Forever 21 .
Clutch used to be my mom's back in the day .


L o o k # 3
White Button down is from H&M. White top is thrifted. Skirt is from American Apparel. Necklace is from F21. Bracelet used to be my mom's back in the day. Boots and tights are from Target.

Song by Kartell - Pantera

Hello everyone ! I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as you enjoyed my Valentine's Day outfit ideas c: I still can't believe that my Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas video has 9,000+ views. I'm still really happy about it because I usually get about 600 views on a video, so I'm really thankful to God and my lovely subscribers.
American Apparel's Burgundy skirt is quickly becoming my new favorite skirt. I just wish I had the money to purchase this skirt earlier because it would of been perfect to wear during the holidays. I usually purchase skirts that are $20 and under so this was a bit of a splurge for me.
The first look is my favorite mainly because I love the colors gold and burgundy together, and I'm becoming obsessed with gold accessories. The gold top was exactly the type of top I had in mind that I wanted to go with the burgundy velvet skirt and I'm so glad that I found it at Goodwill; it was only $6.99 which was such a great price for me.

The photos are modeled and taken by me. The videos are filmed and edited by me as well.
I bought all of the clothes and accessories and put together the outfits.

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  3. love how you wore the velvet skirt in all your looks. you've made it look like such a versatile piece for all seasons! haha this makes me want to go out and buy the exact same skirt in red! :P

  4. Love all three outfits you did an amazing job! #3 is my favorite!! Great skirt indeed and fabulous accessories!
    I am following you! Would be great if you follow me back!!

  5. i LOVE all the ways you chose to style the skirt :) i especially love the mix of textures and patterns!
    very well done :D
    tiana of l'esthetique

  6. love the skirt (: thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

  7. love the first one!!
    Hope you'll pass by my blog :-)

  8. Love that last look, very sophisticated. (:

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  9. Lovely outfit!!

    Kisses Anne

  10. That skirt is to die for! Lets go thrifting together please? xx

  11. Stunning!



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