Dior 'Diorsnow D-NA Reverse' White Reveal Night Concentrate Review

Dior 'Diorsnow D-NA Reverse' White Reveal Night Concentrate Review
Dior 'Diorsnow D-NA Reverse' White Reveal Night Concentrate Review
I've been using this product for about six months now, and it's my number one favorite product to use in my skincare rountine. I purchased the 1.7 oz bottle at Nordstrom's for $145. I have always wanted to try out this product because of my stubborn acne scars, but the price of the product has always stopped me from purchasing it. I have tried using other serums and masks to help get rid of my acne scars, but nothing worked; I never saw any huge changes in my skin. I was extremely desperate to get rid of my acne scars so I finally gave in and purchased this product. The serum comes in a bottle with a pump which I love because it's non-messy and the pump dispenses the perfect amount of serum needed to apply to acne scars or uneven skin tone. I apply this serum every night by gently patting it on all my acne scars, right after I tone my face and before I apply my moisturizer. I actually apply this product in the morning as well (since I can't afford the Diorsnow D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence). I'm not sure if it's bad for my skin to use in the morning, since this product says "Night Concentrate", but I feel like my acne scars will get worse if i don't apply any type of serum onto my acne scars. At first, I was really disappointed with this product. I'm a really impatient person, and for the price of this product I was expecting to see really good results in a week, but I didn't see a huge change in my skin until a month. However, after seeing a huge improvement in my skin, I just fell in love with this product. My acne scars have been on my skin for so long, I think that's why it took a while for the product to work. If you have acne scars that's been on your skin for a week or less, this product will work a lot quicker. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who is struggling to get rid of their acne scars and it's definitely worth the price. I am so impressed and happy with this product. This product is one of the main reasons why my skin looks so much better than it used to.This product didn't get rid of my acne scars completely, but I am extremely happy with the results because my skin used to be A LOOOT worse than it is now. I used to always not want to show my skin without make up because of my horrible acne scars all over my cheeks, but now I feel a lot more comfortable with going out with just a bare face.

Improves uneven skin tone
Reduces Acne Scars
Reduces redness
Reduces dark spots
Non Messy

Can be pricey to those on a budget

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