Cute & Comfy Outfits for the cold weather

Look #1
Wearing || Sweater {F21}, Top {A'GACI}, Skirt {Charlotte Russe}, Scarf, Knee High socks & Bag {H&M}, Tights {Macy's}.

Look #2
Wearing || Coat {Marshall's?}, Top {Buffalo Exchange}, Scarf & Knee high socks {H&M}, Skirt {Charlotte Russe}, Tights {Target}.

Look #3
Wearing || Coat & Knee High Socks {H&M}, Sweater, Skirt, & Belt {Forever 21}, Tights {Target}.

Hello everyone! Long time no see. This video features three cute and cozy, warm outfits for the cold weather. I was originally going to have the title say "Winter Outfits" but I know when many of you hear the word "winter" you think of snow and 15-20 degrees, F weather. But where I live, it doesn't snow. During the night, it's usually 30-40 degrees, F. And during the day, it's usually 50-70 degrees, F. So if you don't think these outfits are appropriate for the winter time, please know that the weather where I live doesn't get below 20 degrees, F. c:

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Sorry the picture quality isn't as good as I expected it would be. I spent a lot of time trying to get good outfit pictures for you guys! So I hope you like! c:

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