MAC Archie's Girls Collection || Betty Lipglass & Nail Lacquer

PhotobucketPhotobucket Betty Lipglass & Betty Nail Lacquer

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Betty Nail Lacquer in Comic Cute $17.50

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Betty Lipglass in Summer Sweetheart $16.50

I have the sweetest sister ever! I've been talking about Mac's Archie Girls collection and she was so sweet to get me a few things from the collection. The packaging is waay too cute. I am definitely going to keep the boxes. She also gave me an Archie Girls pin but I'm not sure if it's included with every purchase or not :O Have any of you bought anything from MAC's Archie's Girls collection? Are you more like Betty or Veronica? I think I'm more like Betty than Veronica, but I definitely love fashion and shopping as much as Veronica does! c:

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  1. How lovely! Would be great if you could do a FOTD with the gloss ;)

    xx, Maria Veronica.

  2. Cute! I loved reading Archie comics when I was younger. I think I have over 100 comics.. Pfft. I went but to read it as I got older and I didn't notice that the comic have a sexual content for kids.

  3. @Maria Thank you! I will have a photo of me wearing the lipglass soon! c:

    @LTHL Thank you! and wow O__O I didn't know the comics had sexual content either O_O

  4. I love this MAC collection and Betty seems to be my favorite this time around.


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