Birthday Haul ❤ Pink Vaio Laptop, Hello Kitty Watch, & Macarons

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Thanks so much to my parents for my new laptop :D It was really hard to edit my YouTube videos and pictures for my blog on my old laptop because I would always have to use my digital camera or anything I could find to hold up my charger cord so the resolution could stay bright and so my laptop was able to charge. I'm so happy with my new laptop, it's soo cute; I love that it's pink and so easy to use. ❤ I'm also glad my old laptop isn't in pain anymore, it would always make these loud sounds after I turn it off to cool down from all my editing.

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Macarons instead of cake . Soo Yummyy , I ate them all ❤

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Hello Kitty watch from my sister ❤ I think she got it from Hot Topic.

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  1. Waaah, the Hello Kitty watch is super cute! <3 And the notebook as well, so cool! Happy belated birthday!


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