Christmas 2013 || What I got for Christmas

 photo IMG_0122t_zpsc23ef0ad.jpg photo IMG_0319l_zps29832143.jpg photo IMG_0127l_zps4a365aeb.jpg photo IMG_0124l_zps4834e954.jpg
Cute Sleepy Lamb Slippers from my Sister

Cute Korean Cosmetics from my Uncle, Auntie, and Cousin I honestly haven't touched them yet because right now they are waay too pretty to use {I just hold it and stare at it ehehehe c:}

iPad Mini from my parents  photo IMG_0146l_zps1c5eece1.jpg
My siblings and I c:
Could of been a nice christmas card if we didn't take this right on Christmas...aha :P

 photo IMG_0082l_zps5c1e208d.jpg photo IMG_0252l_zps0925922e.jpg photo IMG_0388l_zps4d1c60cf.jpg photo IMG_0259l_zps6f7e6b45.jpgGot these pretty lights after Christmas 50% off at Target C:
 photo IMG_0231l_zpsb911b67c.jpgYummy smelling Cranberry Twinkle Shower Gel and Lotion from my Auntie c: She also gave me a gorgeous beige scarf that you can wear multiple ways, and an Amazon gift card which I already spent ehehe c:

Thank you to everyone who gave me a gift! Your thank you cards are on there way to you hehe C: I really love each and every one of your gifts but I didn't have time to take pictures of all the gifts I got, so I'm really sorry about that!

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