Japantown Cute Stuff Haul: Daiso & Nijiya Market Haul

 photo IMG_8970l_zps8bf91ba6.jpg photo IMG_9517l_zpsba9b3edc.jpg photo IMG_8995l_zpscb140fab.jpg photo IMG_8996l_zps67cb6fb8.jpg photo IMG_9570ll_zpsd7e7c0f3.jpg photo IMG_9519l_zps11e6f7e7.jpg photo IMG_8977l_zps3dfc41d0.jpg photo IMG_8982l_zpsa41647d1.jpg photo IMG_9548l_zps92c8e1a8.jpg photo IMG_8983l_zps762a8728.jpg photo IMG_8984l_zpsda76fb00.jpg photo IMG_8986l_zpsfc1e2ca5.jpg

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  1. awesome post! i have the same panda pocky and i love that panda sponge <3

    ~ aMz Punky Bunny Blog


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