Cute Back to School Notebooks & Supplies Haul {Target & Daiso} + STUDY TIPS

 photo IMG_0172l_zps4c565917.jpgThe pens I got from Daiso have four colors in you got four colors in one pen. I recommend buying one pen that contains a bunch of colors, it's good for note taking and also good for those who like carrying a minimal amount in their backpack so it's easier to find. I also remember in middle school and high school, it's always required to have a red pen for correcting a partners paper. Also some teachers require you to write with blue ink instead of black. So these pens come in handy photo IMG_0179l_zps9f8086ef.jpgGet cute post it notes to keep track of important key points. If you rent or borrow a textbook from a friend, it's better to use post it notes to remind yourself of the key points when you have to look back and study. Also, I always love to bookmark my favorite quotes in books for english class so when I write an essay. I can easily have all my favorite quotes instead of flipping through the pages when the time comes to write a paper.  photo IMG_0182l_zps3bbfb1eb.jpgI love writing my notes in pen better rather than pencil. It's a lot neater and I find you write a lot smoothly. If you make a mistake, it's best to have white out, so I got this cute duck white out pen. They also have a cute bunny white out pen at Daiso. photo IMG_0170l_zps26b174f3.jpg
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I highly recommend you buy your school supplies from Daiso and/or a dollar store first before going to Target, Office Max, etc. You will save a lot of money and anything you can't find at Daiso that is on your list of supplies, you can get at Target or elsewhere.

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