Nature Republic EXO-K Skincare Haul

 photo IMG_1009l_zpsae781df7.jpg photo IMG_0637l_zps0a2f08be.jpg photo IMG_0825ll_zpsfe25c5e3.jpg photo IMG_0632l_zpse38c239a.jpg photo IMG_0634l_zps4eaa2563.jpg If you probably haven't noticed, I'm a skincare addict. I love trying new skincare products especially Korean Skincare Products. At the Waikiki Shopping Plaza, they had a store called Nature Republic which I've never been to but I could immediately tell that it featured Korean Skincare products by the posters around the store. I went in to just browse, I really wasn't planning on buying anything but I saw that they had these shelves full of EXO-K goodies. Like if you purchased a cleanser or a moisturizer you get a mini EXO-K figurine and I really really wanted a Kai Figurine so I decided to purchase a cleanser, along with a sheet mask that had all of the EXO-K members on the cover hehe :3 But when I got up to the register and asked if I could have a Kai figurine they were all sold out TT. They even searched all of them, even all of the paper fans that had each of the members on them and no Kai was found ;__________;. So I just picked Tao since he looked the cutest on the stand. I'm bummed though that they ran out of Kai TT.
Let me know if you picked up anything from Nature Republic! c:

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CLICK HERE to see pictures of my trip to Oahu Hawaii
CLICK HERE to see pictures of my trip to Oahu Hawaii

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