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I don't want to give too much away about each of the rooms so you guys will be in awe when you first see it but I'll be talking about some comparisons between the Colorfactory and Museum of Ice Cream and also some helpful tips for the Colorfactory.

● TRY to stay away from buying tickets from others. For each of the tickets you purchase, you type the names of you and your group members. Then before entering the Colorfactory, they check the ID and ticket of one group member. The person you bought the ticket from needs to be present in order to get in.
● There is a 1 hr time limit. (It might also depend on who is working because I saw some groups still in the last room who I didn't see in the beginning).
● The Colorfactory is very interactive so you will be moving a lot. It does get a bit hot in there. Even though the last room was the only room with fans, it was still pretty hot.
● Comfortable and colorful outfits are a must!

❥ Compared to the Museum of Ice Cream, I felt the Colorfactory was more interactive and I was able to move around freely. I was also able to take a lot more pictures easily. There is no time limit in the Museum of Ice cream but it was really hard to take pictures because it was so crowded. I felt like all I was doing was standing in line to take a picture in each room and then moving onto the next. In the colorfactory, it felt more enjoyable and playful especially in the confetti room and ball pit.

I will be uploading my Museum of Ice Cream pictures soon! Instagram saw it first. Follow me @Strawberriespls
Who's going? :O What are your thoughts about the museums??

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  1. That yellow jumpsuit you wore to the ColorFactory in San Francisco is beautiful! I love the colour, the laces and the pretty scalloped lace trim.


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