Mini Getaway to LA

At Little Damage. I ordered Mother of Dragons and Unicorn tears with fruity pebbles. $6 for a choice of 1-2 flavors and a topping. My favorite is the mother of dragons flavor.
At Downtown Los Angeles Art District. I've been searching for the two pink walls for the longest time!
At Long Beach, CA
At Honey & Butter. Whenever I'm in Socal, I always make it my mission to go to Honey & Butter. I'm obsessed with their macarons. I hope they open up a location in SF!
At Sweetgreen.
At Weller Court Shopping Center.
At The Last Bookstore.

If you have any food recommendations (restaurants, desserts, cafes, etc) in the socal area, please let me know! c: Also huge shout out to my sister for always taking my photos and driving whenever I come to visit you! you da best


  1. You looked amazing in all of the outfits you wore on your mini getaway to L.A.!
    I love the ruffle detail and colour of the outfit you wore in the first group of photos and the last two photos That Mother of Dragons and Unicorn tears cone looks yummy. You also look fabulous wearing the body-con dress at Weller Court Shopping Centre. The Last Bookstore looks amazing. These photos your sister took of you are great!!!


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