My first time in New York | How I spent my time + pictures

Spotted in Central Park: K admiring the cherry blossoms. XOXO Gossip Girl

Brunch at While we were Young. I ordered the truffle fries (house cut fries/black truffle/ pecorino $18) as a starter, avocado toast as my main dish (smash avocado/sour dough/ poached farm fresh eggs/feta/pomegranate $18), and a while we were young cocktail to drink (Vodka/Vanilla bean/butterfly peaflower/sparkling wine $18). The other dish is chicken & waffles (buttermilk fried chicken/kale waffle/house made hot sauce/maple syrup $25)

Outside Sezane in New York

Outside of Pietro Nolita. Did I get to eat inside? Read more down below!

First time eating Shake Shack

2 slices of pizza & a soda for only $2.75

Brunch at Egg Shop NYC

Only $2.50 for a plate of peanut noodles at Good Tate Fuzhou Cuisine in Chinatown NY! :O Sooo delicious

At the Line Friends store in NY

This is the closest I got to the Brooklyn Bridge. lol.

Frozen Hot chocolate at Serendipity 3

The cutest unicorn ice cream at Taiyaki NYC. What's within walking distance to this place? Pietro Nolita for brunch, Cha Cha Matcha (if you have extra room for dessert), Egg Shop NYC, The Butcher's Daughter, and Good Tate Fuzhou Cuisine in Chinatown NY.

At Westfield World Trade Center

Walking around New York

I went to New York for the first time. It was kind of like a mini vacation and celebration for my birthday. I also like saying it's a celebration for my birthday just to justify spending money on this trip LOL. I've been wanting to go to New York for a while now, especially since it's known as the world's fashion capital, and many movies I've watched growing up has been filmed in New York. It was surreal walking around this city, taking in the vibes, trying their food, and feeling a tad bit like Blair from Gossip Girl. If you want to know how I planned and spent my three days (or two and a half days) in New York, then keep reading!
I don't know about you, but I actually prefer walking around to place to place, rather than driving or taking the metro. It makes it easier to see everything, and I feel like it trains myself to become familiar with your surroundings.

We left Wednesday afternoon, and arrived in New York in the evening. We checked into our hotel, Pod Times Square, and then we spent our time walking around Times Square. I really wanted to go to the Line Friends Store, so we headed there first before they closed to walk around and check out their merchandise. Everything was pretty pricey but it was fun to look at all of their cute merchandise.

On Thursday, our first stop was Central Park. This was the only day that was going to be sunny (and it was really hot that day), the rest of the days it was going to be gloomy, cloudy, and it did rain on and off the rest of the days I was there. Central Park was amazing; I could spend all day there walking around. It was surreal to see the Balto statue that I've seen in the Balto movie I watched as a kid (I probably seen that movie a bajillion times). I don't know why but I was surprised there were a ton of people surrounding the statue and taking pictures with Balto. Even the carriages that were doing the tours around the Central Park would stop to admire the statue.
We then headed to Pietro Nolita for brunch but they had a private event happening at that time, so we walked to the Egg Shop NYC to eat. Afterwards we headed to the Westfield World Trade Center. After we checked out the National September 11 Memorial and museum, it's located outside of the World Trade Center. We then walked to Brooklyn Bridge, but we only made it halfway until I decided that we should head to our next location; it was too hot and crowded. I would highly recommend to go to the Brooklyn Bridge early if you want to check it out! You would definitely avoid the crowds of people!
We then headed to The Staten Island Ferry. There was no time to actually go to the Statue of Liberty so I decided to just take the ferry so we could see the Statue of Liberty from afar. I really enjoyed the view and it was such good weather that day, so there was a nice breeze on the ferry. Afterwards we walked to the Seaglass carousal (it's right next to the ferry so you could walk there). I've had this saved on my Instagram forever, but sadly it was out of order, so I was unable to go on the carousal :(
We then went to eat at Crif Dogs, and then walked to two thrift stores closeby called AUH20 and No Relation Vintage. I also went to Goodwill where I found a cute Space Jam long sleeve and a New York Giants pullover. I believe we also ate some pizza that night at 99 Cents Fresh Pizza- 2 slices of pizza and a soda for $2.75; I really wish they had these type of deals in San Francisco!

On Friday, we headed to While we were Young for brunch. For dessert, we got frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3. I've been wanting to come to this place since I was young. I saw this place in the movie, Serendipity. Ever since I watched that movie, I had my eye on their frozen hot chocolate. I'm not a fan of chocolate, but their frozen hot chocolate was delicious. We then headed back to the Times Square area where we went to the M&M store, and the Nintendo store. I was really tempted to buy an animal crossings plushie or Pokemon plushie there. We then rested at the hotel for a bit, and had Shake Shack for dinner. This was my first time having Shake Shack and to be honest, their fries with the cheese sauce was really good but I still prefer In n Out over any burger place. I originally had it planned that we would go to Serendipity 3, Central Park, Lady M Cake, and then Shake Shack because the distance of each location was pretty close to one another that we could walk.

On our last day here, Saturday we went to eat at Good Tate Fuzhou Cuisine in Chinatown NY. I found this place through YouTube when I was watching video about cheap good eats in New York. I ordered peanut sauce noodles for only $2.50 and it has easily become one of my favorite dishes. I'm a huge fan of any food with peanut sauce so this was so delicious and I love how affordable the price was. Afterwards, we headed to Taiyaki NYC to get my unicorn ice cream in a taiyaki fish cone. I wanted to also check out Cha Cha Matcha, which is also within walking distance, but I was so stuffed from the noodles and ice cream. We then headed to the airport, and back home to San Francisco.